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In the previous post we talked about the singleton design pattern, but generic, now let’s take a look at one of the most important behavioral designs out there, which is Observer design pattern, used in event handling for example.

What is Observer design pattern?

Quick article how to implement generic Singleton.

What is Singleton design pattern?

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it’s a way to instantiate one and only instance of a class, imagine you want to code a chat room application, and you know that all users should be connected and use the same room, in this case you should have one and only instance of Room class, even if other coder in another module tries to instantiate the class Room, he or she will get the same instance as you, So this is Why Singleton design pattern. But can we make it general, I mean make a template that can take any other class and generate for you a…

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What is SQLite:

SQLite is a open source project and it’s type of database management system for mobile devices in the form of a library written in C language that offers a relational database engine accessible using SQL language.

How to use it?:

SQLite is built into every Android device. Using an Android SQLite database doesn’t require any configuration or administration of the database.

let’s make this article quick i’m going to use android studio IDE:

First thing to do is create a java class that content all methods and parameters to create a connection with your sqlite system.

Go to your package work in your app/java…

Hi, this is my first story on Medium, I would talk about something that I just figure it out, HOW CAN I MAKE A COOL ANIMATION USING TYPED.JS?
in order to make cool stuff like a machine writhing, to see what i’m talking about just visite typed website it’s so simple !

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First step is install the lib:

install the package using a package manager in this case i use npm, in your ligne commande tap:

npm install — save ngx-typed-js


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